Friday, May 05, 2006

Memphis and Cocaine....mana datang?

Hmmm...Memphis and Cocaine....mana dtg dua perkataan ni sampai lekat kat aku?

Story of Memphis...actually it came out accidently.
Korang pernah tgk cite Gone In 60 Seconds?
That was a story which starred Nicholas Cage and Angeline Jolie about a bunch of car thieves..
At that point, it was such a kewl movie..actually untill now I think its a kewl movie...I would rate it among my top 10 movies...

Anyways...the character which Cage played was named "Memphis Reinnes".
In that story, he was the Godfather of car thieves..

So I was thinking..hmm Memphis...wat a cool soon after that..everytime I went online or anything..I would use the name Memphis...kira ciplak lah nama ni..bukan ori..but who cares!!

Ade gak pompuan2 yg online ni yg kena tipu ngan aku...aku cakap aku dok study
kat Memphis....wakakka!!! bodoh2 pompuan2 ni....mati2 diaorg caya...ayat kena power maa!!!

Cocaine plak....dululah...sebelum aku kawin...sebelum aku jumpa bini aku....pernah ada sorang pompuan ni cakap kat aku...and ini cite betul ni...sumpah pah!! abang tak tipu!!!

Dia kata, and this is word for word, "Your my Cocaine and Im soo addicted to you"

Sapa pompuan ni tak perlulah aku bgtau....its irrelevent..bini aku pun tak tau..takan nak kasitau korang kot kan? (Mampus aku kena tiaw ngan bini aku malam ni!! Hye sayang..I luv u)

The point is what she said stuck to me till now, siapa dia is completely irrelevent..

Pelik tapi benar...aku ni bukannye hensem sgt pun...kira lebih sketlah hensem dia kalau banding ngan katong n norman combined....

So mcm tu lah cite nye..thats how MemphisCocaine came about.....

So cukuplah 3 blog sehari for a start.....


P/S: Awie..idola gua tu!!!



Blogger jamy said...

lu mmg pandai...tak kisah nama apa lu pakai, nama budak2 lain pakai pun mcm sedap sgt ye tak?..mana lord de rousa?..or is it rouza?..hehe jgn marah..

congrats for the blog. while we're at it, bole gak check out blog aku..nothing much excpt my own views/ for my own view..

5:16 PM  
Blogger MeMpHiScOcAiNe said...

akan ku baca blog mu wahai jamy faisal.....rousa tu mcm bell je bunyik nye...jgn marah ni...semua org bleh dish out anything!!

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Ammar Mohd Akhir said... nowadays semua org berlumba lumba buat blog....mb i'll join later..if someone can pay me if i have my own kalau katong pon dah ade blog sendiri hari ni..esok tarus aku buat blog aku..hehehe..jgn marah geng..

3:26 AM  
Anonymous budakbell9195 said...

aku teringat....dolu2 ade mamat mane ntah pakai nama baron von sial

agaknye ko tak mre...hehe

3:54 AM  
Blogger MeMpHiScOcAiNe said...

budakbell9195...bukan aku ke yg create email nih eh.....

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

perrgghhh... that cocaine + addiction bit must have hit you right to the head, eh? i think its quite catchy. tak de registered trademark on it, right? sounds like a good line i can use heheh

6:54 PM  

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